Cajun Rocket Pots


Q: What’s the difference between Paw Paw’s and Maw Maw’s old pots and Cajun Rocket Pots?
A: The Cajun magic technology on the bottom part (this ain’t no joke), it makes things cook faster and more evenly.

Q: Where is your factory?
A: We are located in Covington, Louisiana on the North side of Lake Pontchartrain (say that 10 times fast).

Q: Which is more fun, an LSU tailgate or a crawfish boil?
A: Louisianans have fun at everything and enjoy life and socializing around both these pastimes. This is a coin toss!

Q: What does one generally wear to a crawfish boil?
A: Louisiana casual (LSU or Saints shirt) is always preferred as crawfish eating is messy business. And by all means ladies, leave the stilettos at home as you will likely be walking on the grass!

Q: Traditional roasted turkey or fried turkey?
A: Most people ditch the whole over tradition turkey once they start fryin’. Fried turkey is likely to become your new family tradition for Thanksgiving, Christmas ad New Year’s!

Q: What is Cajun?
A: Cajun is a very special culture you are born into and are raised in, it tends to derive from certain areas of Louisiana.

Q: If I use a Cajun Rocket Pot, will I be the envy of all of my friends?
A: Dang right you will, dawlin!