Cajun Rocket Pots

Care & Safety


(this means you)!

The last thing we want is for something to happen to you, your family, friends or your Cajun Rocket Pots, so we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you sit down and do a little reading before you even think about cookin’! We want y’all to follow a few of our best care & cleaning tips to keep your Cajun Rocket Pots looking spiffy enough to share on your trophy shelf.  We also know most people (guys especially), skip over directions and all that safety mumbo jumbo like is written below. Our lawyers made us write all this and they ain’t cheap – so don’t be “that person” who skips reading this and makes social media fame by doing something stupid!


(because hot pots, and burners are just plain dangerous if used improperly)

  • DO remove all packaging materials from your Cajun Rocket Pot before using your pot for the first time.
  • DO clean your new pot before you use it to cook the very first time and each time you use it.
  • DO use hot water with a detergent (like Bar Keepers Friend or a soft cleanser) that is mild on pots and can be applied with bare hands or used with soft sponge.
  • DO NOT use harsh detergents or any type of brillo or steel wool  (it will scratch & damage it).
  • DO rinse your cookware with clean water and wipe dry with clean soft cloth or strong paper towels.
  • DO use mild aluminum cleaner to remove discoloration (only if it bothers ya). Cooking foods with high alkali, iron content or  just boiling water can stain a pot.  They won’t harm your pot  but will contribute to  the “seasoning” of it. 
  • DO NOT used your pot as anything else but a cooking pot ( not a beer cooler)! 
  • DO NOT  place anything in the bottom of your pot that is a foreign object like; bricks, stones, legos (you get the idea), that could block the water flow.
  • DO NOT make your own contraptions to use with the pot.  
  • DO buy approved items that are purchased from Cajun Rocket Pot for a specific use in your pots, otherwise you will nullify your CRP one (1) year warranty.  Any item not approved by CRP to be placed in your pot may cause a vapor lock, which could cause the bottom of the pot to overheat and melt the bottom of the pot, resulting in permanent damage to studs or even burn a hole through your pot.


  • DO know what you are doing when cooking with natural gas and propane. Results of improper use could cause harm or even death.
  • DO NOT ever cook anything without at least 3 ” of liquid on the bottom of the pot (at all times).
  • DO NOT do anything that can create  VAPOR LOCKS! NEVER block  the bottom of the CRP pots with food like potatoes, mixes or seasonings.
  • DO make sure you boilin’ with the proper basket and do not over STUFF your basket with products when cookin’, Boiling water needs to properly circulate to the bottom of your Cajun Rocket Pot when cooking anything.
  • DO ensure proper positioning of your pot, burner, and propane tank.
  • Do make sure wind is not blowing the fire from burner towards the propane tank and there is 20 plus inches between burner and propane tank.
  • DO keep burner away from all flammable objects like homes, garages, sheds trees and bushes.
  • DO keep all types of flammable materials LIQUID OR VAPORS away at least 25 + feet from burners and propane.
  • DO NOT leave burners unattended when being used with open flame.
  • DO NOT use burners inside. They are for outdoor use only.
  • DO perform gas leak tests from tanks or hoses, prior to use each time. 
  • DO NOT use fire under flammable overhang (that goes for all you geniuses cooking under a pop up tent – you have been warned)
  • DO NOT use a burner on any flammable surfaces: decks, grass, mulch etc..
  • DO NOT  use a burner or cook on an uneven or soft surface (duh).
  • DO watch your step around hoses and propane tanks (tripping could be dangerous).
  • DO NOT  lean over burners or boiling/steaming pot!
  • DO NOT cook with open-toed shoes or barefoot.
  • DO realize that burners, pots and lids are hot during and after use. 
  • DO NOT remove a  lid on any pot when fryin’ or boilin’ – without using the utmost precautions! 
  • DO use a thermometer when fryin’ (know your smoke and flash point of your oil).
  • DO keep children and pets away hot burners and pots!
  • DO keep a certified fire extinguisher nearby when cooking.
  • DO know how to properly use a fire extinguisher.
  • DO call 911 in case of an emergency or fire. 
  • DO NOT use any burner and/or hot pots while under the influence of alcohol or drugs!!!



  • DO make sure you have enough water to cover your food when boilin’ in our pots!
  • DO keep at least  4″ inches of water in pot when steamin’.  
  • DO be aware that our Pro pots cooking systems create a “Rapid Ragin’ Boil” and intense hot steam which is much hotter than 212-degree boiling water!!!  
  • DO NOT put anything near our Pro Pots when cookin’ to avoid burns with extra high temperature.
  • DO be aware that your burner does not always need to be run at 100% wide open all the time to keep your boil movin’, save money and reduce the flame (you will still boil in about half the time using our system).
  • DO be aware that the free standing G4-NG Burner and Cajun Rocket Pot Pro Boiling System with a G4-NG burner, are natural gas burners.