Cajun Rocket Pots

Our Story

Tired of being “that guy” who was always invited to everyone’s crawfish boil to do the cooking, our humble inventor set out to work to create a more efficient “crawfish boiling pot.” An electronics technician by trade, he figured there had to be a more efficient way to get things done (so he had more time to eat crawfish). He started tinkering in his garage in Madisonville, Louisiana, with pots and metal pieces. He must have stayed awake in physics class (a long time ago), as he applied “surface area” equations to his methodology.

After a year and half of tinkering and testing, the ultimate in high performance boiling pot design was born, the Cajun Rocket Pot. He then set forth to build machines to produce his pots, took on some investors, and the rest is history. But wait….his customers told him, this magic pot technology could do much more than just crawfish…, boil and steam other seafoods, pasta, fry turkeys and heck…even peanuts. This little invention now got pretty marketable to the masses and became a Louisiana recognizable brand.

Cajun Rocket Pots have evolved and proven to save time and fuel with lots of seafood and crawfish enthusiasts both local to Louisiana and nationally. He figured Mawmaw and Pawpaws’ old pots can be used to rinse the crawfish, while the Cajun Rocket Pots can be used to boil them. The inventor believes that over time, every household and commercial kitchen in Louisiana will have at least one of his pots. With the power of the internet, he also hopes others in the world will have one too, even if it is only to boil water and make some great soup!!!

Less time waiting for a “pot to boil,” using less fuel, less heat in the kitchen, and cooking to perfection every time, is a “win” in this inventor’s mind!