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About Our Pots

Which Cajun Rocket Pot is right for me?

Decisions…decisions…we know our pots are an investment for your cooking future and we want to make sure you choose wisely. Whether for yourself, a gift or a business, our pots

  • Stock Pots: A large pot that is taller than it is wide, with 2 handles, a flat lid.
    • Capacity from about 7-200 qts.
    • Spigot option available for 24 qt and up
    • Common uses: stocks, soups, gumbo, pasta or potatoes
  • Sauce Pans: Typically a round cooking vessel with one long handle and larger pots have a loop handle with straight or sloped sides; generally smaller and shallower than a pot,
    • available in sizes from 14-60 qt
    • Common uses: sauces,
  • Sauce Pots: A large saucepan with a lid and two handles,
    • available in sizes from 14-60 qt.
    • Common uses: Sauces, Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice, Casseroles
  • Pasta Cooker/Steamer Pots:  3 piece with basket. A moist-cooking method using an assemblage of two pots and a lid used on a stove top to steam foods. The bottom holds water or a liquid and the upper pot res on or in the bottom pot and has perforated bottom and sides, which hold foods to be steamed.
  • Pasta Cooker/Fryer Pots: A tall pot with a capacity of 12 to 20 qt.; it has perforated basket inserts that holds pasta and when removed from water, it acts as a strainer. Also used as a deep fat fryer pot.
  • Rondeau/Brazier Pots:  Using a shallow, usually wide round, straight-sided pot with loop handles. Designed for braising foods and simmering food’s.
  • Seafood/Crawfish Boiling Pots: basket and lid 4mm Uses convection to transfer heat from a hot liquid (approximately 212 degrees) to the food submerged in it; the turbulent waters and higher temperatures cook foods more quickly than do poaching and simmering.
    • Spigot option available for 40 qt and up
  • Pro Seafood Boiling Pots: Our premier line of all inclusive product
    • Includes: Built-in stand, 150,000 Btu Burner, basket riser & lid