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Cajun Rocket Pots mission is to develop new technology with innovation to change the culinary world and support the artistic modernization of minds in cooks and chefs from around the world, while inspiring the industry towards boundaries of the unknown.


Cajun Rocket Pots is expected to continually grow and achieve its business goal of becoming the premier hospitality, restaurant and culinary cookware manufacturer in the United States. We also intend to slowly expand into new global markets. When CRP objectives are met, other products will be developed with new technology and innovation as a means of expansion and profitability for the company.

*Disclaimer *

All pots must have sufficient water in the pot before igniting any flame under your pot. The water must be to a boil before adding powdered seasoning or it will cause a failure due to “caking” up and blocking the water from reaching the bottom of the pot to cool it properly. Overloading of the basket will also  cause failure to cool correctly, any of these actions will void the warranty of the pot.

** due to volatility of the market for materials , prices are subject to change daily.**

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Chef Steve Bibbs

While preparing for his corporate catering event on June 20th, Chef Steve Bibb of The Elms Mansion on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans was kind enough to invite us into his professional kitchen and share some key points he enjoys about cooking with his Cajun Rocket Pots. His 32 qt Cajun Rocket Stock Pot is probably the most used item, and as he was cooking penne pasta he noted the swift and vigorous boil along with the fact that he had to turn the flame down to medium – something he never had to do when cooking in a regular pot. When he does green beans, he moves the stock pot to the cooler once they are cooked and boasted how the pot and contents cooled down much faster given our unique bottom design.

While elms-mansion-endorsement-rocket-potpreparing his ginger-carrot-sweet potato vichyssoise in the 8 qt Cajun Rocket Sauce Pot and various sauces in the14 qt Cajun Rocket Brazier Pot he noted the contents thickened much faster, reducing his prep time and fuel usage. Searing his tuna steak and lamb chops in the 14″ Cajun Rocket Non-Stick Fry Pan he noted he’s able to use less oil due to the rapid transfer of heat. Overall Chef Steve is very pleased to have made the switch from regular pots to Cajun Rocket Pots.

For more info about The Elms Mansion visit www.elmsmansion.com.

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